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Unveiling the Mystique: Your Ultimate Guide to the Endless Night Vampire Ball in Salem

Enter the shadows of the Endless Night Vampire Ball, where mystique and enchantment reign under the haunting moon. Held in the dark heart of Salem, this ethereal gathering beckons those daring enough to embrace the vampire’s allure. As crimson curtains part, guests are drawn into a world beyond imagination, filled with velvet, lace, and the soft whispers of immortality.

Dance to the seductive rhythms of night, sip potions crafted with ancient secrets, and lose yourself in the embrace of a community bound by intrigue and darkness. But be warned, once you’ve tasted the Endless Night, the call of the vampire may linger long after dawn has broken.

What Is the Endless Night Vampire Ball?

History of the Endless Night Vampire Ball

The Endless Night Vampire Ball™ found its dark and captivating beginnings as a series of masquerade ball-themed gatherings in New York City. Conceived and produced by Father Sebastiaan in 1996, the inaugural events were known as the “Vampyre Ball of New York” and the “Main Gala Event,” leading to the famed New Orleans Vampire Ball held over Halloween weekend. 

Father Sebastiaan, a key figure in the vampire/Vampyre subculture and a master fangsmith, has been instrumental in crafting these mesmerizing experiences. The name “Endless Night” was inspired by the William Blake poem “Auguries of Innocence,” where he hauntingly penned, “Some are born to Sweet Delight, Others are born to Endless Night.” Through Father Sebastiaan’s vision, the Endless Night Vampire Ball has become a thrilling celebration, blending gothic elegance and the mystique of vampire lore.

Importance of Salem as a Venue

Salem, Massachusetts—where history whispers and shadows dance. This supernatural town, forever etched in time with its infamous 17th-century witch trials, pulses with an undercurrent that draws the curious and the daring.

Imagine stepping into the Endless Night Vampire Ball in a place like Salem, where every cobblestone and building breathes a story. The air tingles with the memories of the past, and the city’s eerie legends and gothic grace become a living stage for a celebration like no other.

Here, in Salem’s, the vampire’s allure is not just a fantasy but a tangible thrill. The city’s acknowledgment of its witchcraft heritage, manifested through tours, museums, and festivals, merges seamlessly with the otherworldly charm of the Endless Night.

Theme & Uniqueness of the Vampire Ball

Like the elusive vampire itself, the theme of the Endless Night Vampire Ball is a creature of metamorphosis, shifting and adapting with every year and every city it graces. Whether under the haunting shadows of Salem or the enigmatic charm of New Orleans, each ball is a unique reverie, woven from the essence of its locale and the whispers of the ever-changing night. It’s a dance that never grows old, a story never twice told, an invitation to a new mystery, yearning to be explored and embraced.

Where to Stay for the Vampire Ball

If you’re attending the Vampire Ball in Salem, MA, the best place to stay is The Hawthorne Hotel, the actual venue for the ball. Not only does staying there make it easy to go back and forth throughout the event, the hotel itself is rumored to be haunted, adding a thrilling twist to your stay. 

I had stayed there in 2022 for the Endless Night Vampire Ball. As a skeptic, I took the tales of the hauntings with a grain of salt. But, things would constantly be in different places in the room, doors would open by themselves even when shut completely, and the shower curtain would wave like there was wind when the doors were shut and the fan was off. Whatever your predispositions to the thoughts of ghosts are, there was no denying the occurrences that went down.

Another nearby haunted option is The Salem Inn, known for its ghostly charm with kitchenette cabinets opening and closing during sleeping hours with some saying that the dishes themselves would be knocked to the ground from said cabinets on more than one occasion. Whether you’re looking for the full experience at the Hawthorne or an alternative haunting stay at The Salem Inn, make sure to book early. Rooms fill up quickly for this event, so secure your spot early!

Tickets & Packages for the Vampire Ball

Whether you desire a single night of vampire allure or a full weekend immersed in otherworldly elegance, our carefully curated options await your selection. From the enigmatic charm of Saturday Night’s General Admission to the exclusive opulence of Diamond Level Tickets or the all-encompassing allure of the VIV Weekend Pass, the choice is yours. Let the intrigue guide you as you choose the path that calls to your inner vampire, and prepare for an experience that only Salem can conjure.

Purchase your tickets online here before they sell out!

Saturday: General Admission
      • Admission to the Endless Night Vampire Ball
      • Cash Bar
      • Passed Hors d’oeuvres
      • Multiple Dance Floors
      • Performances 

Saturday: Diamond Level

  • Admission to the Endless Night Vampire Ball
  • Open bar 7p – 1a
  • Passed hors d’oeuvres
  • Stationed hors d’oeuvres
  • Private Performances
  • Exclusive Access to VIV rooms including the Samedi Absinthe Bar
  • the Vampire Lounge
  • Entrance to the Mezzanine that overlooks the Grand Ballroom
  • Multiple Dance Floors


 VIV Weekend Pass

  • Friday Night September 8th Vampire Salon:
    • OPEN BAR
    • Passed hors d’oeuvres
    • Tea Party & Dessert
    • Dancing
  • Saturday Day:
    • Access to all scheduled daytime activities
    • Dark Wave Yoga
    • Meditation
    • Seminars
    • Panels
  • Saturday Night Vampire Ball
    • Admission to the Endless night Vampire Ball
    • OPEN BAR 7p – 1a
    • Passed hors d’oeuvres
    • Stationed hors d’oeuvres
    • Private Performances
    • Exclusive Access to VIV rooms
    • Samedi Absinthe Bar
    • the Vampire Lounge
    • access to the Mezzanine that overlooks the Grand Ballroom
    • Multiple Dance Floors
  • Sunday Morning
    • Closing ceremony
    • Private VIV Tea
    • Vampire Cruise
  • Additional Perks:
    • Permanent 14K Gold Bracelet
    • $50 Vampfangs Gift Card
    • Limited Edition Salem Collector’s Coin

What do you wear to a Vampire Ball?

Each Endless Night Vampire Ball carries a unique theme that’s encouraged to be embraced and embodied by attendees. But the default style for this enigmatic event is known as the Salon Noir Motif, a dark and elegant aesthetic inspired by Victorian funerals, formal dark business affairs, and mythical figures. This style demands a black-on-black palette, free from commercial logos or political symbolism. Guests are encouraged to don tailored suits, capes, corsets, and cocktail dresses that exude mystery and confidence, without sacrificing comfort.

Accent your attire with claw-like or well-manicured nails, subtle makeup with a hint of the feline or wolfen, and a seductive yet understated fragrance. Footwear should be primarily black leather or faux, suitable for dancing and walking. Jewelry, often silver, and accessories like leather walking canes, top hats, or witchy hats add subtle elegance. Custom-made fangs and artistic contact lenses provide the finishing touch to your vampyric ensemble.

For a full and detailed guide to embracing this immersive and empowering style, visit the Dress Code page for the Endless Night Vampire Ball. 

If you prefer purchasing your costume rather than crafting it yourself, there are fantastic options to consider. Some renowned businesses to explore for the perfect vampyric attire include Gothic Renaissance in New York City, Southern Costume Company in New Orleans, or various skilled artisans on Etsy. 



Events and Highlights of the Vampire Ball


The Endless Night Vampire Ball kicks off with a Friday night salon, shrouded in mystery, magick, and dark allure. Opening with an authentic Vampyre Ritual that sets the mood for the entire weekend, guests are then invited to don their masks for a hauntingly beautiful Tea Party. Here, amid the shadows, conversations flow as smoothly as the beverages from the open bar. Every sip, every dance and glance holds the promise of secrets yet to be revealed, enchanting the guests and preparing them for what awaits.


During the Day

Saturday unfolds with an eerie grace, offering daytime activities that blend the mystical with the mindful. Dark Wave Yoga stretches the body and soul, while meditation sessions quiet the restless spirits within. Seminars and classes explore the hidden depths of the vampyric lore, leading to the crescendo of Saturday night’s truly immersive Vampire Ball. 

At Night

The grandeur of massive full-stage performances, three tantalizing levels of entertainment, and delectable hors d’oeuvres weave a spellbinding experience. An intoxicating private Absinthe Bar and exclusive areas await those with special ticket access, adding layers to the night’s enigmatic charm. 


As the weekend draws to a close, Sunday invites the guests to recover in elegance at Maison Vampyre with a private tea party and ritual, hosted by the event’s enigmatic hosts and special guests.

Take part in the exclusive Vampire Cruise on the Schooner Fame! 

It’s a time to reflect, to revel in the memories, and to bid farewell to a weekend that transcended the ordinary, lingering like a dream in the hearts of those who dared to partake.

Enjoying Salem Beyond the Vampire Ball

Other Attractions in Salem

  • Maison Vampyre: For those still craving the vampyric allure after the Vampire Ball, Maison Vampyre offers an exclusive, immersive experience. Guided by professional vampyres, guests can explore the world of psychic vampyrism, engage in unique vampyre rituals, and partake in darkly enchanting classes and workshops. The experience is designed to appeal to both seasoned vampyres and those newly awakened to the path, providing an intimate connection to a hidden subculture that thrives in the shadows.
  • Gallows Hill: Shrouded in dark history, Gallows Hill is the eerie site where 19 accused witches met their fate at the gallows during the Salem Witch Trials. Visitors often report an unsettling feeling, as if the very soil remembers the tragic events that unfolded here.
  • Old Burying Point Cemetery: Among the crooked tombstones and timeworn paths of the Old Burying Point Cemetery, shadows of Salem’s history linger. Guests who wander through the graveyard may sense a chill in the air, a hint of the countless souls interred here, their stories forever etched in stone.

Tours with Local Haunts & History

The Best Local Food & Drink

  • Red’s Sandwich Shop: My personal favorite; I dined here two days straight because it was SO good. It is the BEST breakfast shop where portions are huge and drinks are strong.
  • Turner’s Seafood: For fancier eats with a history. Back when it was 43 church, it was featured on Haunted History’s Salem episode (S1:E7) as one of Salem’s most haunted places. Fun fact: it’s also where Alexander Graham Bell made the first ‘long distance’ phone call!
  • All Souls Lounge: Laid back lounge with the best grilled cheese vintage drinks. 

Insider Tips for the Ultimate Vampire Ball Experience

1. Plan Those Naps: You’re going to want to dance the night away, but don’t forget the incredible daytime activities. A well-timed nap between the morning and night festivities can recharge your batteries, ensuring you have the energy to fully embrace the vampire lifestyle.

2. Outfit Planning is Key: The moment you decide to attend, start thinking about your outfit. Whether you’re going for the Salon Noir Motif or something uniquely yours, you’ll want it to be perfect. Give yourself time to create or find an ensemble that embodies the theme and makes you feel fantastic.

3. Expand Your Horizons: Take advantage of the seminars, classes, and rituals. Learn something new and connect with your inner vampire. Open your mind to the history, symbolism, and culture of the vampire world.

4. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate: Dancing and drinking can take a toll on your body. Keep a bottle of water handy, and don’t be shy about refilling it. Staying hydrated will keep you feeling fresh and vibrant all night long.

5. Network with Fellow Enthusiasts: You’ll be surrounded by like-minded vampire lovers, so make some new friends! Share stories, exchange ideas, and grow your vampire tribe. The connections you make could last a lifetime.

6. Capture the Memories: Don’t forget to take photos and share them on social media. Use the official hashtags and tag the venue to connect with others at the event. Your pictures will be a beautiful reminder of an unforgettable night.

7. Don’t Forget to Have Fun: Most importantly, have fun and be yourself. The Endless Night Vampire Ball is about expressing who you are and celebrating with others who feel the same way.

By planning ahead and embracing the full scope of the event, you’ll create memories that will last forever, and you may even find new aspects of yourself along the way. Enjoy the journey, and let the Endless Night Vampire Ball be a transformative experience in your ongoing adventure.


The Endless Night Vampire Ball is not merely an event; it’s a calling from the shadows, an invitation to a world where mystery, elegance, and the macabre intertwine. From the ritualistic opening of the Vampyre Salon to the grandiosity of the ball itself, with its alluring dance floors, immersive performances, and private absinthe bars, the experience is an unforgettable journey into the heart of the vampire realm. 

Whether you’re a seasoned creature of the night or a curious newcomer, all are welcomed to embrace the mystique and lose themselves in this otherworldly celebration. If the vampire’s call resonates with you, heed the whispers and allow yourself to be transformed. 

Would you participate in this haunting ball? Comment your answer below!