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Welcome to Phoenyx Travels, where travel and transformation come to life! I’m Phoenyx, your guide on this thrilling journey of self-discovery. After a near-death motorcycle accident, my life changed forever.

Imagine this: I’ve clocked in the years, fully embracing the mighty mantra of “carpe diem,” no matter how cliché it may seem. After some twists and turns, I found love again, tied the knot, and voila! Our beautifully unconventional family of seven emerges from the shadows, redefining the very essence of “wild.” Picture me, my incredible husband, my two awesome kids from a previous chapter, his two extraordinary children from his own tale, and our darling daughter, all living and breathing this extraordinary adventure.


The Trip that Changed my Life

Picture this: Hawaii, a breathtaking paradise that called to me after a life-altering accident for a journey to cover up my scars with a stunning tattoo by my amazing artist, Sam. But it wasn’t just about the jaw-dropping beauty; it was about the ever permeating amalgamation of cultures and experiences that the destination had to offer. That’s when it hit me—travel was my compass, guiding me back to the core of who I truly am. It gifted me a fresh outlook on life, reigniting a fire I thought was long extinguished.

Travel is more than a mere escape; it’s my personal catalyst for change. I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone, immersing myself in diverse cultures and forging remarkable bonds with people from every corner of the globe. These shared experiences convinced me that transformative travel has the power to ignite a spark of passion in anyone.


Unleash Your Inner Wanderer: How Travel Can Ignite Your Transformation

If you’re craving that soul-stirring awakening, listen up! I urge you to embark on your own transformative journey. Together, let’s weave our stories, embrace the unknown, and unlock the immense potential that lies within us all.

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