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The Legend of the White Doe

The Lost Colony of Roanoke has been a mystery that has yet to be solved despite the amount of time that has passed. Could it have been natural forces at work like hurricanes or disease? Or something of a more violent nature? One Native American tale known as “The Legend of the White Doe” may hold some clues as to what really happened to America’s first settlement.

The Legend of the White Doe is a tale of magic, love, and tragedy that has been passed down in Native American lore for centuries. When Governor John White had left the settlement of Roanoke to return to England and Queen Elizabeth for supplies and assistance, he had left behind his family and granddaughter.

This 9 day-old child, known as Virginia Dare, meant something special to the settlers as she was the first child born on America’s soil after the settlers had arrived. This child would come to be the main character in the Legend of the White Doe.

Native American silhouetted by the setting sun.

A tale of two natives

A little backstory that is very, very important for this legend. While on one of the surveying trips for the colony to eventually be settled, Governor John White brought two Indians with him back from America to England, Wanchese and Manteo. Upon arriving, Manteo was mesmerized by the ways of the English and saw great opportunity in his people assimilating with the new people back in America.

However, Wanchese saw only conflict and ruin for the Native Americans if they were to partner with the settlers.

The fateful day

According to the legend, after Governor John White had departed from American soil for supplies and assistance, Wanchese launched an attack on Roanoke in an outright massacre with very few survivors. Among them were Anonias and Eleanor Dare along with their child, Virginia Dare.

As if guided by benevolent spirits, Manteo rescued the Dare family. However not long after the attack, Virginia’s parents died leaving her in the care of the Manteo’s people. She learned the ways of the Native Americans and grew up as one of them, earning her the name, Winona Sky.

winona sky

As Winona Sky grew into a beautiful, young woman, many young men competed for her affection among those being Chico and Okisko. Chico was a sly, old witch doctor while Okisko was a handsome warrior. Winona had rejected Chico’s advances and had fallen for Okisko choosing him as her suitor. Enraged, Chico vowed that if he couldn’t have her, no one would. He cursed her turning her into a majestic white doe. 

In the years that followed, Okisko searched for a way to turn his beloved back into the human, Winona. He journeyed to the edges of Lake Mattamuskeet to seek the wisdom of Wenaudon, a formidable shaman and a known adversary of Chico.

Recognizing Okisko’s earnest quest, Wenaudon gifted him an enchanted arrow, its tip made from oyster shell. The medicine man told Okisko that if this mystical arrow found its way to the white doe’s heart, she would transform back into the enchanting young woman he once knew as Winona.

tragedy strikes

As time went on, the white doe became a focus of interest with hunters and people alike. Fearing the what they did not understand with the white doe, the anxiety within the warriors of the region at this mystical appearance became too much. Wanchese ordered a hunt for the ever elusive white doe. At the same moment in time, Okisko was on the search for his beloved armed with his enchanted arrow that had the power to bring Winona Sky back to her true form.

After some time, the white doe made her appearance. Okisko breath bated pulled back his arrow while aiming straight for her heart. The arrow found its target and a thick fog descended upon the area. However, Okisko was not the only one on the scene. Just as he loosed his arrow, Wanchese did as well and both found their target.

As the fog lifted, Winona Sky transformed back into her true human form, but something was wrong. Her heart was pierced by the second arrow of Wanchese – killing her instantly. Overcome by grief, Okisko wrapped Winona’s body in his mantle and buried her body at the fort that was abandoned years earlier by the settlers.

Even now, some say a white doe can be seen flitting through the forests of Roanoke Island when the clock strikes midnight, disappearing without a trace at the first light of dawn. Could this ethereal creature be the lingering spirit of Winona Sky?

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the legend of the white doe & roanoke revisited

Returning to where we began—the Lost Colony of Roanoke remains a whispered question mark in the annals of history. The Legend of the White Doe might just hold the key to unraveling the secrets that have long evaded us. Did Wanchese and his warriors contribute to the colony’s mysterious disappearance? Did the survivors find a new life among the Croatan tribe?

While the legend may seem steeped in the mystical, its roots may very well tap into the hidden truths that have eluded us for so long.

Let me know your thoughts and theories in the comments below!

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