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Your Complete Guide to the Carolina Renaissance Festival

Carolina Renaissance Festival: Jousts, Corsets, & Mead – Oh my!

Huzzah! And welcome, to the wondrous world of the Carolina Renaissance Festival! Prepare to join me on a journey filled with jesters, knights, and turkey legs the size of your head. The renaissance festival is one of my favorite immersive experiences.

In this guide, we’ll unravel it’s secrets, from how to get there to how to prepare for your journey back in time.

Location Info:

Hark, noble travelers, for the journey to the Carolina Renaissance Festival in Huntersville, North Carolina shall test your mettle and navigation skills. Prepare thyself and print driving directions. (DO NOT RELY ON GPS MAPS)


Buy tickets online in advance! I cannot stress this enough!

    • Humble Peasant” pass that grants you entry and access to the spectacle.
      • Adult (13+): $32.00
      • Kids (5-12): $20.00
      • Kids (0-4): Free
    • “Lord/Lady of the Realm” Obtaineth thy season pass and be granted countless days of merriment, jousts, and splendid revelry!
      • Adult (13+): $199.00
      • Kids (5-12): Not available
    • Pub Crawl: Granteth thee entry to the hallowed grounds of the Festival and the revelry of the Pub Crawl, where merriment and ale floweth freely.
      • $85.00/person


Gather ’round, fair denizens, and partake in the enchantment that unfolds. Behold a kaleidoscope of delights that shall bewitch thy senses! Entertainment awaits, dear souls, so venture forth and immerse thyself in these wondrous attractions!

The Angels: Heroines in Disguise - Carolina Renaissance Festival

The Angels: Heroines in Disguise!

Prepare to be regaled with songs that are as witty as they are naughty with the Angels. Personally, this was my absolute favorite show as nearly all of my fandoms were included in the jaunty, fun songs

The Washing Well Wenches

They cometh, drenched and full of mirth, in search of thy laundry! Verily, they bringeth “good, clean fun” and damsels adorned in wet and soiled attire! The Washing Well Wenches, a blend of vaudevillian antics and comedic sketches, doth provide a veritable feast of amusement, leaving no soul untouched by their interactive theatrics.

Jousting Bay Area Renaissance Festival


Witness the thrilling spectacle of noble knights engaging in glorious combat upon their trusty steeds at the grand jousting tournaments, where bravery, skill, and a touch of showmanship combine to create an unforgettable spectacle of chivalry and excitement.

Fireflicker the Dragon

Fireflicker is a fearsome and fiery dragon who roams the grounds of the Renaissance Festival, captivating hearts with his mesmerizing presence and igniting the imaginations of all who dare to behold his scaly splendor. (Our youngest’s favorite thing at the Carolina Renaissance Festival!)

Dress to Impress

Summon forth your most exquisite garments, be they corsets or armor, and unleash your inner noble or renegade upon the mirthful masses. Fear not if your medieval wardrobe be lacking, for amidst the motley array of costumes and whimsical interpretations of history, you shall find your place.

Let it be known that authenticity be a subjective pursuit, and in this realm, the more imagination, the merrier thy revelry shall be!

Unpredictable Weather

Let us regale in the tale of outdoor festivals, where the current topic of conversation inevitably turns to the skies above. Brace thyself for the unpredictable dance of the elements, where thine wardrobe choices and intricate hairstyles shall be tested. Prepare for the embrace of sunburns and the companionship of muddy boots upon thy feet.

But fret not, valiant knight, for foresight and preparedness shall be thy armor. Packeth thine extra sunscreen and embrace with open arms the moist surprises that lie in wait, for in this realm of mirth and revelry, even the whims of nature cannot dampen our spirits!


When is the Carolina Renaissance festival?

Saturdays and Sundays from the last weekend in September to the second weekend in November. The renaissance festival hours are from 9:30am to 5:30pm

Where is the renaissance festival held in North Carolina?

Do NOT rely upon GPS navigation. Click to view / print driving directions.

How many people attend the Carolina Renaissance festival?

The Carolina Renaissance Festival draws around 200,000 eager patrons, solidifying its lofty status at the center as one of America’s most attended and celebrated Renaissance festivals.

Is it pet friendly?

Pets are not allowed at the festival; however, service animals are allowed.

is the carolina renaissance festival Too far?

Don’t let that stop you! There are renaissance festivals everywhere to be enjoyed. Find a renaissance faire near you with The Ren List! Make sure to visit the Bay Area Renaissance Festival if you happen to be near!

What is your favorite part about the Renaissance Festival? Comment your answer below!

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  1. Good to hear about this interesting renaissance festival in north carolina. I love those facial painting and ornaments to go for this festival. I will be visiting NC soon but in fall. Must plan one for the renaissance season next time.

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