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your first flight lesson

Hold on to your flight goggles because we’ve got a nervous wannabe pilot about to embark on an epic sky conquest! Picture this: a wide-eyed aviator-to-be steps onto the tarmac, determined to conquer the skies. Prepare to embark on a thrilling, comical, and slightly dangerous journey as I navigate the world of aviation with a twist.

So, you’re probably wondering, “How on earth did I end up taking flight lessons?”

Picture this: flying a plane was never even a blip on my radar until I crossed paths with my now-husband. I mean, come on! I had a never-ending checklist of things to do – traveling the world, skydiving, climbing mountains, and keeping my children alive. You know, just your everyday stuff.

But then, fate decided to play a little game with me. In 2017, I had a life-altering near-death accident (cue dramatic music). And guess who entered the scene?

None other than my future hubby, who, conveniently enough, happened to be an ex-Army Aircraft Electrician. Talk about the universe’s way of throwing surprises my way (which it never failed to).

After jumping through a few certification hoops, my husband officially became the civilian version of a certified Aircraft Mechanic. Fast forward six years—we’ve built a life together, and he drops a bombshell on me. Turns out, his current company offers flight training lessons to immediate family members, with just the cost of fuel involved. Can you imagine the torrent of emotions that flooded my adrenaline-seeking soul?

Needless to say, I gave my husband an earful for not telling me about this amazing opportunity sooner. Seriously, he knows my daredevil spirit all too well! So, without wasting a single breath, I had him schedule an appointment for me, ready to take to the skies. Or so I thought.

Oh, the irony! Murphy’s Law had a grand laugh at my expense. The following week turned into an extremely long month because, you guessed it, the weather had it out for me. But hey, if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that life loves throwing curveballs when you least expect them.

Surviving Pre-Flight Panic: How to Prepare for your first flight lesson

1. Things to bring to your first flight lesson

Get ready for a crash course on how to prepare for the thrill of flying that awaits you.

  • Before you begin your first flight lesson, don’t forget to bring along your trusty Pilot Logbook to document every amazing moment. Make it official, because what’s a flight without proper documentation and a chance to brag about your soaring skills?
  • Ditch the fancy clothes – being comfortable is more important than impressing the skies and heavens above. 
  • Bring along your trusty bottle of anti-motion sickness patches.
  • Don’t forget to practice your pre-flight ritual of chanting ancient aviation mantras to appease the weather gods. 
  • Bring your phone for some mid-flight pictures!

2. What should i learn before the first flight lesson?

Don’t sweat it if the lingo of the aviation world is as foreign to you as ancient hieroglyphics. Your first flight lesson helps you decide if you want to pursue further lessons or prefer to stay grounded.

It’s all about dipping your toes into the celestial realm. Prepare for an experience that will either launch you into aviation stardom or have you reaching for the eject button.

If you want to learn the aircraft controls beforehand, you could try reading the FAA’s Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge. Just a friendly warning, though: proceed with caution. Remember, a little knowledge can be empowering, but too much can quickly spiral into a state of overwhelming chaos. Try to find the perfect balance between preparedness and preserving your sanity!

Post-Flight Triumph and Relief

on the ground

arriving at my first flight lesson: pre-flight nerves

As I parked my car, the butterflies in my stomach decided it was time to spread their wings and take flight. Armed with my trusty Pilot Logbook, I walked towards the entrance, only to realize that the doors here required a keycard.

Note to self: stealing my husband’s keycard is highly discouraged. Who knew?

After aimlessly wandering around like a lost puppy for what felt like an eternity, I finally stumbled upon my instructor. And so, my friends, the grand adventure of my first flight lesson commenced. 

meet your fearless flight instructor

Meet Austin, the aviation aficionado who will take your flying dreams to new heights! With a whopping 800 hours of flight time under his belt, this flight instructor has been soaring through the skies since 2019. Austin is not just any pilot – he’s a certified Flight Instructor (CFI). Prepare to be guided by his expertise as he imparts his knowledge and takes you on a journey that will have you saying, “I’m ready for takeoff!” So, buckle up and get ready to experience the joy of flying with Austin, the master of the friendly skies.

a crash course in flight jargon

As I sat there, I was trying to absorb the instructor’s rapid-fire instructions. It’s hard not to feel like you’ve stumbled into a secret astronaut training program. From pre-flight checklists to emergency procedures, it’s enough to make my head spin faster than a propeller. 

My very real short-term memory coupled with the aviation language itself creates a comical recipe for confusion. While this may leave you questioning your life choices, it’s all part of the adventure that awaits you in the skies.

prepping for takeoff: ground school

Ready to take off? Here’s your comically informative checklist for prepping the plane before your first flight lesson:

    1. Walk-around: Walk around the airplane and check for anything that is obviously broken or out of place.
    2. Fuel: Ensure the aircraft has the right amount of fuel to keep you soaring through the skies. Remember, running out of fuel mid-flight is no laughing matter! Note: Take a sample of the fuel from the airplane and check it to make sure there is no sediment or water in it.
    3. Control Check: Double-check the controls, ensuring they’re in proper working order. Wiggle those joysticks, spin those dials, and make sure everything responds as it should.
    4. Tires: Give the tires a quick check to make sure that they’re in good condition. We don’t want any surprise blowouts to turn your flight lesson into a lightshow.
    5. Wingman’s Inspection: Have a trustworthy companion (i.e. your instructor) inspect the wings for any signs of damage or unwanted passengers (birds, bugs, etc). A pair of fresh eyes can prevent unexpected mid-air surprises.
    6. Lights: Check that all exterior lights are in working condition, from the flashy landing lights to the navigation lights.
    7. Communication: Test the communication systems to ensure you can talk to your instructor and air traffic control. Clear, concise, and coherent communication is the name of the game.
    8. Emergency Equipment: Familiarize yourself with the location and usage of emergency equipment, like the parachutes, life vests, and emergency radio. It’s always good to know where to find them, just in case you need to make a dramatic exit!
    9. Sense of Humor Activation: Lastly, activate your sense of humor and prepare for a laughter-filled, memorable flight lesson. Keep calm, stay confident, and embrace the joy and excitement that comes with learning to navigate the friendly skies!

With this checklist in hand, you’re ready to prep the plane and embark on your first flight lesson adventure.

Quick Landing

taking control of the cockpit

Starting the plane was a piece of cake, thanks to my instructor’s guidance. But oh boy, the real excitement kicked in when that bad boy started to move. Memories of my driving lessons came rushing back, where my mom would lose her mind if I tried to use both feet on the pedals. The trauma was real, my friends, and my brain decided to cling onto that lesson with an iron grip.

So there I was, taxiing the plane, desperately wanting to steer like a pro. But guess what? When I grabbed that steering wheel, nothing happened. Nada. Zilch.

My dreams of smooth taxiing turned into a chaotic dance of zigzags. It was like watching a drunken goose trying to find its way home. Five minutes of pure comedy gold, folks.

But fear not, for after an epic struggle, I finally managed to make it to the runway. Victory was mine! I could practically hear the theme from Rocky playing in the background as I triumphantly prepared for takeoff. It was a glorious moment, filled with equal parts relief and laughter.

Taking Control of the Cockpit

time to take flight!

a turbulent takeoff

As a seasoned travel blogger, I’ve logged my fair share of air miles. I can spot a takeoff and landing with my eyes closed. When you’re the one piloting the plane, every tiny bump and altitude change feels like a roller coaster for your nerves. Suddenly, you’re hyper-aware of every little jolt, sending your anxiety levels skyrocketing.

Now, I must admit, my takeoff was smooth as silk. The plane soared gracefully into the sky, impressing even the birds with its elegance.

But my heart? Oh, it decided to take a nosedive the moment I hit the controls. It’s like my poor heart was auditioning for a lead role in a dramatic soap opera.

So there I was, simultaneously marveling at the flawless takeoff and questioning my life choices. Who needs skydiving when you can experience heart-stopping thrills just by controlling the throttle? The joys of being a pilot, my friends—where every moment is a perfect blend of joy and terror. 

flight lessons: soaring in the skies

As I ascended higher and higher into the sky during my flying lesson, my confidence skyrocketed like a pro on a caffeine high. In the air, there’s not much that can shake you except maybe that cloud that decided to get in the way.

We practiced basic maneuvers in the air which were either perfect or terrible – no in between.

Ah, confidence, that fleeting notion. It lasted as long as a microsecond, precisely four minutes, before reality slapped me in the face. Note to self: when you’re cruising at 7,000 feet above ground, distraction is not your friend. Trust me, you don’t want your mind wandering off when your life hangs in the balance.

how i survived a skyline scare at 7,000 feet

And there it was, my heart in my throat, as I realized the scenery was doing a diagonal. But fear not, for my instructor, the connoisseur of in-flight amusement, chuckled at my predicament. He swooped in with instructions on how to correct my airborne adventure without nosediving into infamy. 

So there I was, mentally facepalming as I navigated flight controls in the delicate dance of course correction. It’s a talent, really, resetting your trajectory while keeping your cool (or at least attempting to).

Who needs an ordinary flight when you can turn it into a game of “Guess the Angle”? I tried adjusting which turned out to be over adjusting and adjusting that adjustment again. Finally five minutes later, the plane was level and straight again. 

the quick landing

As I descended, the hangar and tarmac began to come into focus like magic before my eyes. But hold on to your seatbelts, because things took a dramatic turn faster than I could process instructions from the ground. It was like receiving a rapid-fire download of information at the speed of light, leaving my brain spinning in confusion.

In the blink of an eye, my instructor snatched the controls and took charge of the landing. There was another plane scheduled to land at the same time, ready to crash our party and make it our last.

So there I was, a backseat driver in my own adventure, watching as my instructor brought the aircraft down to safety. But hey, let’s look at the bright side. Dodging potential mid-air chaos is a skill worth applauding, even if it means handing over the control to others.

post-flight lesson triumph and relief

Ah, the sweet duality of flying through the air, steering your own destiny. It’s like a blend of freedom and sheer terror, a cocktail that leaves your emotions in a delightful state of disarray. But let me tell you, that feeling when your feet touch the ground again after a soaring adventure—*chef’s kiss*. It’s a victory that deserves a standing ovation.

Now, we all know the unwritten rule of the digital age: “Pics or it didn’t happen!” And oh boy, did I heed that call. Armed with my trusty camera, I began my photography session to capture my airborne adventures in all their Instagram-worthy glory.

From Novice to Navigator: How my First Flight Lesson Sparked Inner Growth

My first flying lesson was a journey of epic proportions, not just in the physical realm, but deep within myself. As I took control of the aircraft, something remarkable happened – the skies became a mirror for my soul. Every twist and turn, every bump and elevation, echoed the dance of inner transformation.

In that cockpit, I realized that true freedom comes from confronting our fears and rising above them. It was like shedding the weight of self-doubt and embracing the boundless possibilities that lay before me. Each maneuver became a metaphor for the twists and turns of life, teaching me to navigate challenges with courage and resilience.

Transformative travel took on a whole new meaning as I soared through the clouds. Flying sparked inner growth as I discovered the power of combining my passion for exploration with a strong sense of purpose. It was a reminder that our journeys, both outward and inward, hold the potential to transform us from within.

As I began this adventure, I couldn’t help but be in awe of the profound connection between flight and self-discovery.

So, let us take flight not only in the physical realm but also in the realms of our own souls. Embrace the excitement, let the winds of change guide you, and embark on a journey of inner transformation. Get ready to soar, my friends, for the skies are calling, and the adventure of a lifetime awaits.

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