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Briley’s Fall Festival: A Small-Town Tradition

You know, when it comes to Fall Activities, sometimes the best experiences and events are closer than you think. That’s exactly what Briley’s Fall Festival in Greenville, North Carolina is all about—a cozy, small-town get-together that’s perfect for everyone; families, couples, and even you and your dog. Running from the last weekend in September to the last weekend in October, this festival is a quintessential stop for autumnal fun. 🍂🎃

Family-run Farm for Generations

Born from a third-generation family-run farm, this fall festival is as hometown as it gets. Imagine pumpkins, sunflowers, and corn as far as the eye can see, neighbors greeting each other with a smile, and everyone knowing your name. It’s a snapshot of community spirit and Southern hospitality that’ll warm your heart.

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Attractions for Everyone at Briley’s Fall Festival

The beauty of Briley’s Fall Festival is its universal appeal—there truly is something for every age and interest. Families with young ones will be charmed by the petting zoo and the hay rides, offering a quaint touch that harks back to simpler times. Plus, kids will be over the moon with options like bounce houses, a jump pad, and a playground that’s sure to keep them entertained.

Adventure-seekers shouldn’t miss the giant tube slide and the heart-racing cow trains, while couples can take a peaceful, romantic walk through the sunflower trail or get lost together in the 10-acre corn maze. If that’s not enough, you can tackle the soy bean maze, run through corn pits, or even climb on tractor tires.

For those looking for a chill vibe, enjoy some lawn games like corn hole or the whirley gig, and don’t forget to catch the excitement of the candy cannon! You can also amble through the cotton field, get lost in the milo maze, or slide down the 65-foot fun slide. And if building is more your thing, the sand mounds are the perfect place to create your own castle.

From the petting zoo to the 65-foot fun slide, from the corn pits to the tractor tire climb, Briley’s offers a smorgasbord of activities that guarantees a day full of fun and memories. And yes, you’ll be shaking sand out of your shoes for days, but that’s just tangible proof of a day well-spent!

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Festival Eats and Treats

Exploring Briley’s Fall Festival is sure to work up a thirst and maybe even a sweet tooth, so thankfully, you’ll find plenty of festival-style refreshments to keep you fueled. Quench your thirst with some old-school Orangeade, Limeade, or Lemonade. Or maybe satisfy your sweet cravings with melt-in-your-mouth cotton candy. 

And don’t forget the boiled peanuts, a Southern staple that’s equal parts messy and delicious. It’s the kind of simple, wholesome fare that makes you feel like you’re at a cozy family gathering, all while supporting local businesses. What’s not to love?

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Briley’s Fall Festival: Things to Know

The festival is super easy to get to as long as you map your way to Briley’s Farm in Greenville, North Carolina, making it perfect for a spontaneous weekend adventure. It’s accessible and inclusive, ensuring everyone in the family, regardless of age or ability, can join the fun. Parking is pretty easy with open grass lots right in front of the farm. 

Did I mention that when you buy your Briley’s Fall Festival tickets at the door, you not only get access to every single fun filled activity, you also get to take home a pumpkin of your choosing from hundreds that are pre-picked OR you can cut one off the vine yourself in the pumpkin patch!

Tips for a Perfect Day at Briley’s Fall Festival

Okay, quick tips: head there early Saturday morning, especially if you want to snap some Insta-worthy pics in that golden morning light. Wear comfy shoes that you don’t mind getting a little dirty and bring a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated while you explore. And don’t forget your camera—you’ll want to capture all these special, small-town moments.


So, there you have it—your ultimate guide to Briley’s Fall Festival in Greenville, North Carolina. From the joy of simple treats to the thrill of rides and mazes, this isn’t just any festival; it’s a celebration of community and a testament to the simple joys of life. It’s the kind of place that welcomes you with open arms and a warm pumpkin-spice-scented heart. And remember, when the festivities wrap up, you can keep the local love going by visiting Briley’s Farm Market for fresh produce year-round.

Who’s planning to check out a Fall Festival this season? I want to hear all about your plans or your past visits. Drop a comment below and let’s get the conversation started! 🍂🎃

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