Beyond the backyard_ discovering the best places to see fall around the world

Beyond the Backyard: Discovering the Best Places to See Fall Around the World

You know that magic moment when the first leaf of the season where leaves change to a brilliant shade of orange? It’s like the world stops for just a second, and you feel this rush of nostalgia, hope, and a kind of awe that’s hard to put into words. Yeah, that’s the scenery of autumn for you—a season that’s way more than just pumpkin spice lattes and Halloween costumes. 

Now, what if I told you that this magic isn’t just confined to your backyard? Imagine watching the sun set over a forest with colors so vibrant it looks like it’s on fire, or walking through ancient paths lined with golden hues of yellow leaves, each leaf telling a story of centuries gone by. Friends, get ready to grab your coziest scarf and favorite journal, because we’re about to jet-set on an epic quest to discover the best places to see fall around the world. 🌍🍂

Trust me, this isn’t just another travel list; this is a transformation for your soul. We’re about to plunge headfirst into landscapes so stunning, they’ll make you want to redefine what autumn means to you.

Fall in florida

My First Fall – Blowing Rock, North Carolina this coming October!

Ah, the life of a Florida-raised, now Greenville-based travel blogger who’s never seen a proper fall! Where I grew up, the only autumnal shift is when the palm fronds turn a slightly less lively green, and where I live now in Greenville, NC? Well, let’s just say the pine trees here have a “forever summer” vibe. They refuse to partake in the whole color-changing party, leaving us with only dead grass as a seasonal indicator. It’s like living in a perpetual loop of “almost-autumn” but never quite getting there. 

But hold onto your pumpkin spice lattes, because this year is different. I’m taking Phoenyx Rises on the road and heading to one of North Carolina’s best fall landscapes—Blowing Rock. I’ll be diving into everything autumn has to offer, from leaf peeping to pumpkin everything. Yep, I’m ready to experience the season in all its vibrant, leaf-crunching fall scenery for the very first time. Stay tuned for all the beautiful fall scenery! 🍂

Why autumn travel is unique

Why Autumn Travel is Unique

So why does traveling to another city or country in autumn hit different? Look, we all know the power of a change in scenery—it’s why we get restless, why we seek out new landscapes. But in autumn? Oh man, it’s like stepping into a live painting. Those fiery hues aren’t just pretty backdrops; they’re symbols of change, renewal, even letting go. It’s more than just a ‘grammable moment; it’s like nature’s way of nudging us to pause and reflect.

And let’s be real, every corner of the globe has its own unique take on this transformative season. Whether it’s a harvest festival that’s been celebrated for centuries or a mountain range that turns into a kaleidoscope of color, autumn travel gives you a front-row seat to some of Mother Nature’s most incredible shows. Trust me, experiencing the best places to see fall around the world is like a direct download for your soul. 🍁🌍

The Best Places to See Fall Around the World

Eikando temple in kyoto, japan

Asia: Kyoto, Japan

Let’s hop over to Kyoto, Japan—home of Zen gardens, ancient temples, and autumn leaves that’ll seriously make your heart skip a beat. In Japan, autumn isn’t just another season. It’s deeply spiritual, an opportunity to practice “momijigari,” which basically means leaf-peeping. But this isn’t just snapping pics for your feed; it’s a form of meditation, a time to really appreciate the transient beauty of life.🍁

Now, when it comes to must-visit spots, you can’t miss the Kyoto Gyoen National Garden. Imagine walking through this ethereal forest as the leaves are turning—pure magic. Then there’s Eikando Temple, which is like something straight out of a dream. The temple is surrounded by momiji trees that turn a dazzling red, making it a hotspot for anyone keen on soaking in the season’s spiritual essence.

Scottish highlands in the fall

Europe: The Scottish Highlands

Next stop, Scottish Highlands. Think rugged mountains, mist-covered lochs, and rich autumn hues. The scenery alone is a story, a blend of natural beauty and ancient folklore. Fall is prime hiking season here, especially on trails like the West Highland Way. And let’s not forget whisky. Autumn releases from local distilleries make this season extra special. So, if you’re looking for a place where dramatic landscapes meet culture and adventure, the Highlands in autumn are a must-see.

Blowing rock, north carolina in the fall

North America: North Carolina, US

Heading stateside, North Carolina is the spot for an iconic American fall. Picture winding roads through the Blue Ridge Parkway, with the mountains all dressed up in vibrant shades of red, orange, and yellow. The Blue Ridge Parkway, often called “America’s Favorite Drive”, is a must-visit for panoramic views of the foliage. For a more secluded experience, check out the take to the many amazing hiking trails of Blowing Rock. or the State and National Parks nearby. Both offer prime spots for capturing the essence of fall in the South.

Patagonia in fall

South America: Patagonia, Chile/Argentina

Switching to the southern hemisphere (and times of the year!), autumn in Patagonia is like an alternate universe. Remember, it’s March to May down here, not September to November. So if you ever wanted to extend your love of fall, this is your second chance. Now, Patagonia straddles both Chile and Argentina, and each has its unique flair. But one thing’s constant: those jaw-dropping landscapes of mountains, glaciers, and deep-blue lakes get an added layer of magic when autumn hits.

Top places to take it all in? Torres del Paine National Park in Chile for some of the most Instagrammable fall foliage against the backdrop of mountain peaks. On the Argentinian side, Los Glaciares National Park is a must, especially for trekking through areas with trees that turn into fiery shades of orange and red. Plus, autumn means fewer tourists, so you can soak up the beauty without the crowds.

Sedona, arizona in the fall

Special Mention: Sedona, Arizona

So, for a special mention, let’s talk about Sedona, Arizona. This desert town is not just about its famous red-rock formations. In autumn, the landscape turns into a vibrant blend of oranges and yellows, meshing perfectly with the iconic red rocks. The transformation isn’t just visual; it’s spiritual. Sedona is known as a hotspot for spiritual seekers, offering experiences like guided vortex meditations that could be, for many, a transformative milestone.

FAQs – The Best Places to See Fall Around the World

Where does fall last the longest in the world?

Fall lasts the longest in areas near the equator with high elevations, like parts of Colombia or Ecuador, where mild temperatures and varying altitudes create extended periods of autumn-like conditions.


Alright, here’s the real talk. Kyoto, the Scottish Highlands, North Carolina, and Patagonia—these places are more than just autumn destinations that provide travel inspiration. They’re like nature’s wake-up call, urging us to shake things up in our lives. Autumn isn’t just about sipping pumpkin spice lattes; it’s a chance to reset, rethink, and maybe even reinvent ourselves.

So, what’s holding you back? Trust me, stepping out and seeing the world transform could be the nudge you need to transform yourself.

What’s your favorite place to visit in the fall? Share in the comments below!

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